Ride and let yourself be enchanted


All the routes designed for two-wheelers will take you far and wide through Tuscany.

Anyone who has tried a mountain bike trail at least once knows the irresistible feeling of freedom that pervades the whole body. To experience all this, in Tuscany you don’t have to wait for the summer: from the Valdinievole to the Apennines, the mountain bike season goes from March to late autumn.

Panoramic hike or single track? In Tuscany, in addition to an extensive network of official routes and landscapes of extraordinary beauty, all the taste of local cuisine is also waiting for you. Mountain refuges offer delicious specialties including traditional Italian recipes and of course a glass of good Tuscan wine.

The roads of the cycling championship

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    Padule, Vinci, San Baronto

The itinerary begins downtown Montecatini Terme and goes through the roads that were gone through during the cycling world championship in 2013.
This is the part where there was the longest ascent of the championship.
Right at the bottom of the descent you may go back to where the itinerary began going through uncongested roads.

The ascent of the historic cycling race Del Rosso

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    Montecatini Terme, Lucca, Versilia

The itinerary goes through the roads of the cycling race Del Rosso. It includes a long but non-tough panoramic ascent overlooking the whole Valdinievole area.

Marshland of Fucecchio, Vinci, San Baronto

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    Monsummano Terme, Fucecchio, Vinci, San Baronto

With its 2,000 hectares, the Padule di Fucecchio is the largest Italian lake area.
Thanks to the richness of the flora and fauna and the hydrogeological and landscape features, the Padule territory is a protected natural area.
Then pedaling along the hilly Montalbano system, you will arrive at the famous resort of San Baronto, the legendary climb that with its 3 slopes is the training ground for the greatest Tuscan professionals, such as The Tour de France winner, Nibali.
Obviously you can’t miss the coffee break in Vinci, a town where the great Leonardo was born. Possible visit also to the house and the museum.


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If you choose this itinerary you will have the possibility to ride your bike through a marvelous green area heading towards the village of Pontito.
Pontito together with other villages in the area is part of the “Svizzera Pesciatina” which was named so by Jean Charles Leonar Sismonde de Sismondi who thought this area looked like Switzerland, his homeland.
This will be a unique and unforgettable occasion to ride your bike harmoniously with nature, away from traffic in a land where time seems to have stopped.